Research Assistance

As a starting biotech company, as an academic or a busy clinician, it is all too easy to be buried heavily in the day-to-day grind and accumulate a large number of strategic or research questions that remain unexplored because of lack of time or other priorities taking over.

Hugin Mugin Research can help you answer these questions and seize opportunities that have been left on the backburner by performing a feasibility study, or a literature study to solidify the starting point of a research project or retrieve e.g. prevalence and effect size data needed for a power calculation.

We can help you develop study designs and perform protocol reviews, support the design and validation of surveys or questionnaires, and help you build a solid scientific backbone for your research program.

Data management

Good research starts with good data. Hugin Mugin Research can help you acquire high quality data by combining the technical expertise of a seasoned data manager with the methodological rigor of a scientific approach and the know-how of a medical background.

We can advise you on which data to collect, how to collect, process and analyze them, design and validate your study database, and help you to set up your data collection.

Our data management capabilities also include data cleaning and preparing data transfers to eCRF, clinical database systems and statistics packages. Experience with SQL server, MS Access, FileMaker Pro, OpenClinica, SPSS.


To select a software package that perfectly fulfills your needs, good requirements are key. As is alignment of the expectations of key stakeholders with those of the future users of the system. Using a system completely out-of-the-box is an often heard but seldom realized promise. To limit the time needed for customizations, a clear communication and understanding of users’ needs to the developers is of key importance.

The project does not end when the system is delivered, because a whole change management process will need to take place before all your processes are happily running and documented in the new system.

Hugin Mugin Research can guide you through every step of this process, from gathering requirements, making sure developers and users are on the same page, validating and implementing your new software system.

Writing and Publishing

High quality research needs to be presented clearly and in context to achieve its maximum impact. Hugin Mugin research can help you develop quality manuscripts, that are easy to read and tailored to the audience you want to reach.

We can assist you every step of the way, from developing a publication strategy, deciding how to present your data, and selecting an appropriate journal to writing and editing your article, assist you with submission and guide you through the peer review process.

Other types of documents we can write or edit for you: literature reviews, reports, investigator’s brochures, informed consent forms, SOPs, grants, abstracts.