Hugin Mugin Research

A ravenous eye for knowledge

Hugin Mugin Research provides biomedical consulting, research, data management and writing services.

Knowledge goes beyond information, beyond mere data. It adds analysis, context, insight. Hugin Mugin Research turns your data into knowledge in a client-centered, timely manner.

Working from a strong medical and scientific background, with an analytical mind and attention to detail, Hugin Mugin Research provides the customized analysis, advice and reporting you need to make informed business or research decisions, make your processes run smoothly or get the most out of your research data.

The Ravens

Hugin Mugin Research was named after the ravens of the Norse God Odin, Hugin and Munin, whose names mean ‘thought’ and ‘memory’. Odin sends them out at dawn to fly all over the world. When they return at dinnertime, they sit on his shoulder and speak into his ear all the news they gathered.

Analogous to our mythological namesakes, Hugin Mugin Research:

  • Scouts for excellent scientific and medical information
  • Listens actively to gain a thorough understanding of your processes
  • Works with you to organise your thoughts into a clear-cut research or publication strategy
  • Enhances the memory of your research with comprehensive reports, articles or presentations.

You can take a look at our services or contact us to discuss how we can help you.

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Our Services


Research & Consultancy

In need of key biomedical knowledge to support business decisions or bring your research projects up to speed? Hugin Mugin Research has research experience in a variety of biomedical domains and brings to the table strong analytical skills and strategic thinking.

Data management

Good research starts with good data. Not sure which data to obtain, how to best collect process or analyse them? We can help you set up your data collection, design your database, clean existing data, process and analyze them, or prepare data transfers to eCRF or clinical database systems.


In need of a (new) LIMS or ELN system? Or looking for a way to improve your lab processes or information systems? We facilitate process improvement and implementation of laboratory information management systems (LIMS) or electronic lab notebooks (ELN) by getting laboratory users and IT specialists on the same page.


Writing & publication

Publish or perish? We can help you to develop a publication strategy, select the most suitable journal so your results get the attention they deserve, help you with writing and editing manuscripts and assist you throughout the submission and peer review process. Writing and editing services for papers, reports, research grants, scientific posters, and abstracts.

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